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Correa Dusky Bells * Red Australian Fuchsia, Blackwood

I have had good luck with the Australian Fuchsia in the garden in most gardens. The bell shaped red flowers are beautiful in the Spring and repeat nicely in the Fall. Correa Dusky Bells is susceptible to the oak root fungus if you don't already have a problem with this fungus the Australian Fuchsias could be a good choice. To help with the fungal problems as well as thriftyness with water I keep the summer irrigation as infrequent as the plants will allow. Once established Correa Dusky Bells don't need much. I grow Correa Dusky Bells on a slope or in well drained soil. They will grow in filtered light but prefer full sun. Correa Dusky Bells will stay under 2' tall and spread to about 4 feet.

Correa Dusky Bells

Flowers and foliage of Correa Dusky Bells - Red Australian Fuchsia. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

Correa Dusky Bells, Red Australian Fuchsia

Flowers and foliage of Correa Dusky Bells - Red Australian Fuchsia.

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