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Bauhinia variegata ~ Mountain Ebony

Bauhina variegata is native to much of China and India. The pink flowers, leaves, and bark are used for food and medicine. Bauhinia variegata is a medium sized tree growing to around 40 feet tall and wide. Bauhinia variegata blooms repeatedly through late Winter and Spring and will periodically produce a few blossoms during the Summer. The trees can subsist on our Southern California rainfall near the coast during normal seasons but need a little wind protection and supplimental irrigation during dry years or when grown inland. In colder weather and when drought stressed trees will often go deciduous. Even the post blooming stress will make a large percentage of the leaves drop. Bauhinia variegata can be propagated by seed or cuttings. Plants are hardy into the high teens but significantly happier if temperatures stay in the 20°'s.

Bauhinia variegata, Mountain Ebony

Flowers and foliage of Bauhinia variegata the Mountain Ebony. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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