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Bauhinia galpinii ~ Red Orchid Bush

Bauhinia galpinii is a perfect sized tree for many suburban gardens. The Red Orchid bush grows to 15 feet tall and can spread to 25 feet. Bauhinia galpinia often grows as a large shrub in harsher climates, or even as an espallier against a wall to collect a little extra warmth for those cold nights. The red flowers of Bauhinia galpinii are produced Summer through Fall. The Red Orchid Bush can be kept as a loose hedge or allowed to grow over a shed. A cold spell that dips into the 20°s F will usually knock off the leaves. Real damage starts to occur if the temperatures dip into the low 20°s F. Bauhinia galpinii does not seem to have issues with the heat of inland valleys even when grown in a reflective environment. The Red Orchid Bush does require a moderate amount of water to keep up with the harsh conditions.

Bauhinia galpinii, Red Orchid Bush

Flowers and foliage of Bauhinia galpinii the Red Orchid Bush. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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