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Japanese Anemone Alice ~ Semi-double Pink Japanese Anemone

The Japanese Anemone Alice, like all of the Japanese Anemones is a little enthusiastic in the ways that it spreads. Where Anemone September Charm will grow to 2 feet or so, expect the Japanese Anemone Alice to grow to 3 feet. The pale pink semidouble flowers bloom during the middle of Fall, often when little else is blooming in the garden. The flowers of the Japanese Anemone Alice have a second whorl of petals. The Japanese Anemone's spread by runners and can be invasive. The easiest way to limit their spread is by planting them into beds that are surrounded by paving or to use drip irrigation to just water in specific locations.

Japanese Anemone Alice, Semidouble Pink Windflower

Flowers and foliage of Japanese Anemone Alice the Semidouble Pink Windflower. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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