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Westringia brevifolia - Small Leaf Westringia

Westringia brevifolia grows to 6 feet tall and spreads to 6-8 feet wide. The Small Leafed Westringia blooms heavily in the Spring and always seems to have a few blue flowers going. Westringia brevifolia is widely tolerant of soil from sandy to clay but requires drying periods between irrigation cycles. Westringia brevifolia grows well in full sun to light shade. Westringia brevifolia is quite drought tolerant but does best with periodic summer watering, particularly in well drained soils. Westringia brevifolia has survived Winter temperatures in the low teens in good form.

Westringia brevifolia, Small Leaf Westringia

Blue flowers of Westringia brevifolia - Small Leaf Westringia. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.