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Geijera parviflora - Australian Willow

Geijera parviflora, the Australian Willow is a midsized upright tree with weeping branches. The grey-green leaves and dark trunk give a striking look to this tree. Geijera parviflora is quite tolerant of drought but prefers a well watered garden. Expect the roots from Geijera parviflora to find any nearby well watered garden plots. The Australian Willow typically grows up to 30 feet tall and 20 wide. Geijera parviflora needs to be thinned regularly or it will be thick with crossing branches. Nearby patios or walkways should be protected with root barriers as the Australian Willow is prone to lifting such things, sometimes dramatically. Geijera parviflora is Winter hardy down to temperatures approaching 15°

Geijera parviflora, Australian Willow

Flowers and foliage of Geijera parviflora - Australian Willow. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.