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Caesalpinia gilliesii - Desert Bird of Paradise

Caesalpinia gilliesii will grow as a small tree or large bush. The red stamens are a knockout, contrasting sharply with the pale yellow flowers. Caesalpinia gilliesii is hardy into the mid-teens. The seedpods can sometimes linger and can be removed, and if the temperatures drop below 20 ° F there is likely to be some frost damage. The seedpods are poisonous so care should be taken if there are animals or small children that might not think first. Occasionally there will be a seedling or two. Caesalpinia gilliesii can be found on disturbed areas such as roadsides or dry washes. The Native Bird of Paradise prefers infrequent deep watering. Caesalpinia gilliesii attracts the California Dogface Butterfly and Cloudless Sulfur and is a fine addition to the Butterfly Garden

Caesalpinia gilliesii, Desert Bird of Paradise

Flowers and foliage of Caesalpinia gilliesii Desert Bird of Paradise. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.