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Caesalpinia pulcherrima - Red Bird of Paradise, Poinciana

Caesalpinia pulcherrima will grow as a small tree or large bush. The red and yellow flowers of the Red Bird of Paradise are stunning. The flowers attract butterflies such as this California Dogface Butterfly and are a great addition to the hummingbird garden. The seeds are poisonous unless properly prepared. The Red Bird of Paradise is in the pea family and the seeds come in a flattened pod. Caesalpina pulcherrima does well from the desert to the coast. Cold winter temperatures are the limiting factor. Poinciana is very drought tolerant and will do well with infrequent deep soakings. Caesalpina pulcherrima will grow to 5-20 feet depending on growing conditions. Caesalpina pulcherrima is native to the tropics.

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Caesalpina pulcherrima, Red Bird of Paradise, Poinciana