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Multicolored Asian Ladybug Larvae ~ Harmonia axyridis

The Asian Ladybug larvae will eat 1200 or more aphids before becoming an adult. That is a good reason to recognize this beneficial insect, particularly when it is the larval stage. It takes a larvae two to three weeks to reach the adult instar stage. The Asian Ladybug was released in found living US in 1980 and has slowly spread from coast to coast. Adult Asian Ladybugs can live as long as 2-3 years in ideal conditions. Adults will eat up to 250 aphids per day. These ladybugs will swarm and can be a nuisance at times but perform such a necessary task that they should not be sprayed. The Asian Ladybug will hibernate for the winter.

Multicolored Asian Ladybug Larvae

Macro photo of the Multicolored Asian Ladybug Larvae. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.