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Yucca brevifolia - Joshua Tree

Yucca brevifolia is native to the high desert areas that only get a little snow or deep cold. Yucca brevifolia has creamy white flowers near the tops of the branches in the Spring. The Joshua Trees can usually be found in warmer upland slopes out of the worst of the wind. The Joshua Tree is a common nesting site for a number of birds and food for a variety of butterflies and moths. Yucca brevifolia is notable for the incredible silhouettes. The heady scent of all of these Goldfields was almost more exciting than seeing the moon rise over this large Yucca brevifolia specimen. The image was taken near the Poppy Preserve North of Lancaster.

Yucca brevifolia, Joshua Tree

Goldfields a dark blue clear sky and moon above - Yucca brevifolia - Joshua Tree. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.