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Sedum rosea, Rhodiola rosea - Rose Root Stonecrop

Sedum rosea is a low groundcover becoming 3-6" tall and spreading to 18" or more. The Rose Root Stonecrop is also sold with the name Rhodiola rosea. The flat grey leaves, the Rose Root Stonecrop has  yellow flowers in Spring. Sedum rosea is low growing in Sun or Shade, though plants will need some protection when temperatures get extreme if planted in the sun. Sedum rosea is drought tolerant and grows best in well drained soil. If you have clay soil Sedum rosea will still grow if allowed to dry out between irrigation cycles or if planted on a slope. Sedum rosea is used medicinally and grows in places far colder than California. Sedum rosea works well in a rock garden setting, container or massed as a groundcover.

Sedum rosea, Rhodiola rosea, Rose Root Stonecrop

Grey foliage and yellow flowers of Sedum rosea, Rhodiola rosea - Rose Root Stonecrop, Variegated Stonecrop. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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