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Polygala myrtifolia grandiflora - Sweet Pea Shrub

Polygala myrtifolia grandiflora is a free flowering, tropical looking shrub. Polygala myrtifolia grandiflora grows larger than the other Sweet Pea Shrubs growing to 8 feet or more, the flowers and leaves are larger too. It seems like the Sweet Pea Shrubs are almost always in bloom. Polygala myrtifolia grandiflora is drought tolerant and seems to care little about soil type, though a garden spot with poor drainage is a death sentence. Sweet Pea Shrubs are Winter hardy into the low 20°s F. It seems counterintuitive that the white frilly crest isn't part of the plants reproductive setup. The pistil and anthers are hiding there inside that frilly purple flower.

Polygala myrtifolia grandiflora, Sweet Pea Shrub

Purple flowers and foliage of Polygala myrtifolia grandiflora - Sweet Pea Shrub. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.