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Plectranthus argentatus - Silver Spur Flower

Plectranthus argentatus has small white flowers that are nice but really are not the main attraction. The large velvety gray succulent leaves make the show for me. Silver Spurflower gets to 3 feet tall by 6' across. Plectranthus argentatus really prefers some shade and can even take dark shade. Not too much water is required. I use Plectranthus argentatus under oaks because of its water thrifty ways. Plectranthus argentatus brings a great light to dark spaces. Frost will damage the Silver Spurflower foliage at around 25° F but it has come back from sub 20° F here, sprouting back from the roots. It looked like nothing would happen for a long time before finally showing signs of growth in April.

Plectranthus argentatus, Silver Spur Flower

Velvety silver leaves of Plectranthus argentatus - Silver Spur Flower. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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