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Narcissus Jenny * Jenny Daffodil

Narcissus Jenny easily naturalizes in the garden. The Daffodil bulbs multiply by dividing. I usually start a clump with half a dozen bulbs. Narcissus Jenny bulbs are planted pointy side up a couple of inches deep. As the bulbs multiply they will heave their way to the surface allowing plenty of starts for new places in the garden. Bulbs can be forced indoors, but often won't bloom the following year. The bulbs are poisonous to gophers so the are generally safe in the garden from rodents. The flowers come on around the first of Spring for us and last several weeks. I generally plant multiple varieties of narcissus to keep the season going. Some variety of Narcissus in my garden is blooming from November through April. Narcissus Jenny Bulbs are winter hardy to any chill we are likely to see, I have grown them where temperatures regularly dip below 10° F. Narcissus Jenny are summer deciduous. Plant in full sun to light shade. Darker shade and blooming will be sparse. These plants do not like summer irrigation. Narcissus Jenny is lightly fragrant. Narcissus Jenny opens with white outer petals and the central perianth is primrose yellow. The Perianth fades to white as the bloom ages. Narcissus Jenny is in the Cyclamineus group of Daffodils, these all have larger perianths.

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Narcissus Jenny, Jenny Daffodil

White outer petals and a large primrose yellow perianth Narcissus Jenny, Jenny Daffodil. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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