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Myrtus communis variegata - Variegated Myrtle

Myrtus communis variegata grows as a dense shrub. The fragrant flowers and variegated fragrant leaves are beautiful and nice to work on. Small edilble fruit follow the white flowers in the late Spring and Summer. Myrtus communis variegata grows in full sun to lightly shaded parts of the garden. The Variegated Myrtle has low water needs. The plants should dry out a bit between irrigation cycles. Myrtus communis variegata grows to 6 feet tall and wide. I prefer to hand trim this slow growing shrub as the leaves last a long time and develope a grey scar when sheared with a hedge trimmer. The fragrant leaves are a joy.

Myrtus communis variegata, Variegated Myrtle

Fragrant white flowers of Myrtus communis variegata - Variegated Myrtle. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.