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Mentzelia micrantha - Chaparral Blazing Star

Mentzelia micrantha is showy in its own diminuitive way. Chaparral Blazing Star seems the most oft used and descriptive. Other common names include San Luis Blazing Star and San Luis Stickleaf. Mentzelia micrantha is native to the Coastal Ranges and near Coastal Ranges of California and slightly beyond. Mentzelia micrantha blooms from late Spring into Summer when most of the wildflowers are long since finished. Mentzelia micrantha will grow to 1 feet tall and slowly spread to 2-3 feet wide. Mentzelia micrantha sports clusters of 1/4" yellow flowers at the tips of its fuzzy leaved branches. The bright yellow flowers resemble miniature poppies. Mentzelia micrantha prefers well drained soil in a hot location. Mentzelia micrantha is an annual fire follower. Mentzelia micrantha is generally only available from seed. Scatter seed in the Fall with the first or second significant rain. Even when not in bloom the sheen of the long dense hairs on the leaves adds interest, especially when backlit.

Mentzelia micrantha, Chaparral Blazing Star

Yellow flowers filled with a starburst of yellow anthers - Mentzelia laevicaulis - Blazing Star. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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