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Maytenus boaria - Maytens Tree

The Maytens Tree is a small ornamental tree. It weeps and bows with the wind and is very graceful. Small white flowers bloom in the Spring. Maytenus boaria does require some care. Branches periodically die back, a little more often than the average tree. The Maytens Tree suckers prolifically if the roots are disturbed and in moist garden conditions even if the ground has not. Maytenus boaria has made the pest list in a number of areas. It also requires some water, not a lot but the California summers are a little too long and dry for its liking. Other weeping trees to consider when thinking about this tree are the Peppermint Tree and the Australian Willow, Geijera parviflora. The Maytens Tree is hardy at least into the teens.

Maytenus boaria, Maytens Tree

Weeping branches of Maytenus boaria - Maytens Tree.