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Agonis flexousa ~ Peppermint Tree

Agonis flexuosa is a graceful drooping tree. The Peppermint Tree grows to between 25 and 35 feet tall. Agonis flexuosa blooms in the spring and summer with small fragrant white flowers. Agonis flexuosa is hardy into the mid 20°s F. Aside from the trailing grace of the tree the Peppermint Tree is grown for the peppermint scent in the fallen or crushed leaves. Agonis flexuosa is both drought tolerant and capable of growing in a lawn. The Peppermint Tree will sucker and sprout many branches from a wound. An errant weedeater damaged a tree and sprouts just kept growing over and over. Wound the roots and Agonis flexuosa will wear you out with sprouts.

Agonis flexuosa, Peppermint Tree

Foliage of Agonis flexuosa the Peppermint Tree.