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Krameria bicolor ~ White Rhatany

Krameria bicolor is a drought deciduous desert shrub. During the dry times it may look like little more than a white tumbleweed. But with a bit of rain White Rhatany produces dark pink flowers that are spectacular and spiky seedpods too. Krameria bicolor grows from the California Deserts to those of Texas and into Mexico. White Rhatany rarely grows more than 2 feet tall but is wider than tall. Krameria bicolor grows in sandy washes. Krameria bicolor grows in association with Creosote and blooms from March to May when conditions are good. Krameria bicolor has been used medicinally.

Krameria bicolor, White Rhatany

Flowers and foliage of Krameria bicolor White Rhatany. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.