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Ipomoea indica - Ocean Blue Morning Glory Vine

Ipomoea indica is on my list of most beautiful but hard to manage plants. The Ocean Blue Morning Glory spreads by seed as well as by rooting everywhere it touches the ground. Ipomoea indica is relatively frost tender. The above ground portions are killed when temperatures reach the mid-20's. Unfortunately the roots and seed will survive and Ipomoea indica is great about coming back from next to nothing. I loved these plants until I started trying to take care of them. Ipomoea indica put me past all patience with the relentless invasion into places where I did not want it to be. Ipomoea indica can swallow a small house and indeed a large one too. And it can do that in a single season only to be burnt back to the ground by the frost only to do it again the next year. To their redemption they are covered in purple to blue flowers almost the entire time they are growing.

Ipomoea indica, Ocean Blue Morning Glory

Backlit blue flower of Ipomoea indica - Ocean Blue Morning Glory. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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