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Hoya carnosa * Wax Vine

The flowers of the Wax Vine look like they are fake, almost as if they were glued on. Hoya carnosa survives temperature dips into the high 20°'s. If you can bring your plant indoors or are lucky enough to have near frost free winters Hoya carnosa is a must have for your garden. Hoya carnosa is slow growing but can get to 20 feet or more with consistently good conditions. The biggest flaw is that the leaves hold a long time and when damaged they show it for most of a year. Hoya carnosa is native to SE Asia. The Wax Vine is related closely enough to the milkweeds that the monarch caterpillars will eat the leaves if they have a chance. The Monarch Butterflies are not likely to lay their eggs on the Wax Vine but are known to travel quite some distance searching for food. Hoya carnosa blooms in summer and Fall with white flowers that have red centers. I have grown it in pretty dark conditions and still gotten blooms and on a lucky year kept it growing in my yard in spite of my usually frosty conditions.

Hoya carnosa, Wax Vine

Creamy white flowers and foliage of Hoya carnosa - Wax Vine. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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