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Hippeastrum Red Lion - Red Lion Amaryllis

Hippeastrum Red Lion is often sold as a ready to bloom bulb for the holidays gift. That is how this bulb came to me. Forced to bloom it did so reliably right on time for Christmas. Once established in the garden Hippeastrum Red Lion produces long lasting stalks of red flowers a little later, blooming in the early Spring in sun or shade. Hippeastrum Red Lion tolerates a dry section of the garden and requires decent drainage either by planting it in a raised bed or in a container with a well drained potting soil. Hippeastrum Red Lion lasts a long time as a container plant if they are not over watered. Hippeastrum Red Lion and other cultivars are Winter hardy into zone 9 or even colder with adequate protection. Hippeastrum Red Lion does best when planted in the ground in coastal communities in the shade of deciduous trees.

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Hippesatrum Red Lion, Amaryllis

Flowers of Hippeastrum Red Lion - Amaryllis. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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