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Hedychium greenii - Scarlet Ginger

Hedychium greenii will produce a brilliant show of red flowers through the Summer. Scarlet Ginger grows best in light shade with moist well drained soil. The Scarlet Ginger will grow in full sun near the coast, but requires some shade in inland gardens. Hedychium greenii is normally 3 feet tall but can grow to 5 feet in favored conditions. For such a tropical looking plant Hedychium greenii will tolerate a surprising amount of drought when planted in the ground. The Scarlet Ginger creates new plants where the flowers are at the tops of the stems as the flowers fade. Hedychium greenii will tolerate a light frost but will show the effects of it until the new shoots pop up. Plants are root hardy to 10° F.

Hedychium greenii, Scarlet Ginger

Red flowers of Hedychium greenii - Scarlet Ginger. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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