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Hakea laurina - Pin Cushion Bush

Hakea laurina is spectacular as a cut flower. The pink flowers and white stigmas are produced on second year wood during the late Fall and into Winter. Hakea laurina is often used as a cut flower. The Pincushion Bush flowers hold up well as a cut flower. Hakea laurina is susceptible to root fungus diseases and should be planted in a well drained location. Phosphorous is toxic to many Australian plants including Hakea laurina. Hakea laurina would prefer well drained sandy soil but I have had success with plants in heavy soils in sloped gardens. Hakea laurina is cold hardy into the low 20°s F or high teens. Hakea laurina is a slow growing shrub or small tree, eventually growing to 15 feet or more. They are a great plant for attracting hummingbirds as I am sure you can imagine from the shape of their flowers.

Hakea laurina, Pin Cushion Bush

Pink and white flowers of Hakea laurina - Pin Cushion Bush. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.