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Garrya flavescens - Ashy Silktassel

Garrya flavescens grows in the Chaparral to Pinyon Juniper Woodland and foothills throughout California. The Ashy Silktassel grows to 10 feet. Garrya flavescens blooms from late Winter into Summer when rains allow, producing tassels of white flowers. Garrya flavescens grows in dry well drained soils in full sun to modest shade. Garrya elliptica, the Coast Silk Tassel fails when extreme heat shows and is better suited to coast or mountain plantings. Garrya flavescens is native to the desert regions of Southern California and Baja. Garray flavescens leaves are coated with shielding hairs that help to reflect the heat. Choosing natives is good, choosing natives that are appropriate to their garden climate is even better.

Garrya flavescens, Ashy Silktassel

Gray leaves, beginnings of a flower tassel Garrya flavescens - Ashy Silktassel. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.