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Galium angustifolium - Narrow Leaved Bedstraw

Galium angustifolium is a finely textured low growing shrub or perennial with a woody base that will grow in sun or shade. The Narrow Leaved Bedstraw grows to a foot or two tall and wide sometimes vining out to 3 feet. The flowers are small and greenish yellow. Galium angustifolium has male and female flowers and plants, this one is female and will have a bristly seed later in the season. Galium angustifolium is quite drought tolerant and may go summer deciduous if conditions become too harsh. Galium angustifolium requires good drainage but will grow on a variety of soil types. Galium angustifolium is native to the lower mountains of California and out into the desert.

Galium angustifolium

Small yellow flowers, bristly ovaries and fine green foliage of Galium angustifolium - Narrow Leaved Bedstraw. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.