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Fraxinus dipetala - California Ash

Fraxinus dipetala, the California Ash grows 20-25 feet tall in good conditions, and significantly less in stressful conditions. The trees grow in hot inland locations from the stream banks and primarily up north facing slopes when away from the stream. The California Ash grows up to an elevation of 3500 feet. Fraxinus dipetala blooms in mid to late spring with fragrant white flowers with 2 petals. The California Ash will go Summer deciduous much like the Buckeye in dryer locations. Fraxinus dipetala is quite drought tolerant once established if it is where the roots can search out groundwater. The California Ash often grows in the shade of larger trees. In the Fall Fraxinus dipetala has flattened winglike seeds hanging below the branches. Fraxinus dipetala typically is multibranched and grows more like a shrub than a tree in a sunny location. Fraxunus dipetala is Winter hardy into the low teens or below. Fraxinus dipetala is a host plant for the Pale Tiger Swallowtail. Larvae will overwinter in rolled up leaves

Fraxinus dipetala, California Ash

Winglike fruit hanging below the branches of Fraxinus dipetala - California Ash. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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