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Eucalyptus torquata - Coral Gum

Eucalyptus torquata is the perfect tree for the folks that want every color in the color wheel. Orange and pink together clash fabulously. Eucalyptus torquata is a good small patio tree or street tree. The Coral Gum tops out at around 30 feet in its native habitat. Eucalyptus torquata blooms primarily from the Fall through early Winter but in mild areas such as our it may bloom all year, this photo was taken in May. Eucalyptus torquata is hardy into the low 20°s F.

Eucalyptus torquata, Coral Gum

Flowers of and foliage and brilliant coral colored bark of Eucalyptus torquata - Coral Gum. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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