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Duranta erecta ~ Sky Flower (syn Duranta repens)

Duranta erecta grows well in gardens that stay warm through the Winter. Duranta erecta up until recently has been called Duranta repens. Grown in full sun the Sky Flower grows to 8 feet or so. In a shady location the leaves look much better and this shrub can grow to 10-12 feet tall, but the Sky Flower rarely sets fruit. The yellow berries inspire the common name Golden Dewdrops. Duranta erecta has naturalized in the Southeastern US. If seriously drought stressed Duranta erecta starts growing some pretty wicked thorns that are hidden just below the leaves. Duranta erecta blooms late Spring through Fall. The blue flowers attract Hummingbirds to your garden. Duranta erecta is Winter hardy to 25°s though foliage damage starts in the high 20°s F. Duranta erecta attracts the Cloudless Sulfur Butterfly and is a fine addition to the Butterfly Garden.

Duranta erecta, Sky Flower

Flowers and foliage of Duranta erecta - Sky Flower. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.