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Dombeya wallichii * Tropical Hydrangea

Dombeya wallichii is spectacular when in flower and can be the focal point for a garden. The Tropical Hydrangea grows to 20 feet tall and is often wider than tall. Dombeya wallichii blooms Fall into Winter with balls of pink flowers. Dombeya wallichii is native to southern Africa and Madigascar. I have found Dombeya wallichii as a survivor in older gardens that have lost their way, surviving for years on what nature gave. Dombeya wallichii grows as an understory plant in the shade when it must but does well in full sun settings. Dombeya wallichii looks best with a moderate dose of supplimental water particularly in sunnier and more inland gardens. Hummingbirds are always interested in plants that flower during the cooler months and are regulars at other Hibiscus family relatives. Dombeya wallichii is winter hardy into the mid to high 20°'s F appreciating the extra protection when in an understory planting.

Dombeya wallichii, Tropical Hydrangea

Dangling balls of pink flowers Fall and Winter - Dombeya wallichii - Tropical Hydrangea. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.