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Cistus ladanifer Blanche ~ White Rockrose

Cistus ladanifer Blanche is a large rockrose. It can get to 8 feet tall or more. The 3" white flowers of the White Rockrose are some of the largest of the rockroses as well. The oils of Cistus ladanifer were historically used a base for perfumes. Cistus ladanifer Blanche is easily grown in average to poor garden conditions. Cistus ladanifer Blanche requires sun and reasonable drainage but little else after it becomes established. Cistus ladanifer has a pleasant fragrance of its own without having to distil the oils. This rockrose has also gone by the name of Cistus labdanum. I read a story about how goats were driven through the fields of rockroses and the resins were combed out of their fur. The resins were then distilled to make the perfume oils.

Cistus ladanifer Blanche, White Rockrose

Flowers and foliage of Cistus ladanifer Blanche . High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.