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Choysia ternata * Mexican Orange Blossom

Choysia ternata may look like your typical foundation plant much of the year. But once it blooms the fragrant white flowers of the Mexican Orange Blossom make the late Spring and Summer nights fabulous. The dark green foliage is fragrant too. Choysia ternata slowly grows to 6-8 feet tall and wide. Choysia ternata is drought tolerant in the shade but will need some supplimental water in a sunny garden location. Choysia ternata blooms at the tips of the branches so timing any trimming so the flowers still have wood to grow on is essential. Choysia ternata is frost tender, planting in the banana belt of inland valleys is a good plan. Choysia ternata is winter hardy to 25°F.

Choysia ternata, Mexican Orange Blossom

Dark Green foliage and fragrant white flowers - Choysia ternata - Mexican Orange Blossom. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.