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Cestrum aurantiacum - Orange Jessamine

Cestrum aurantiacum is an ornamental species in the same genus as the Night Blooming Jasmine. The Orange Jessamine blooms in the Spring and Fall with a few stray blooms at other times. The white fruit that follow the orange flowers make an interesting statement all their own. I have not tested the upper size limits with Cestrum aurantiacum, as the garden where it is planted needs a plant that gets no more than 8' tall, and Cestrum aurantiacum has easily done all of that and is quite willing to go beyond. The garden went through a bout of construction to the adjoining house, the Cestrum aurantiacum was without water for the Summer and lost its leaves. The following season it bloomed its heart out. This probably isn't the preferred way to treat your plants but it shows that the Orange Jessamine garden hardy, and in a pinch pretty drought tolerant. Plant Cestrum aurantiacum to attract Hummingbirds to your garden.

Cestrum aurantiacum, Orange Jessamine

Flowers and foliage of Cestrum aurantiacum Orange Jessamine. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.