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Senna artemisioides ~ Silver Cassia (syn. Cassia artemisioides)

Senna artemisioides was called Cassia artemisioides and can still often be found at nurseries under that old name. Silver Cassia is a medium sized shrub with soft gray linear foliage and small yellow flowers near the tips of the branches. I have Silver Cassia plants that have been growing for years outside the irrigated zone even in my driest gardens with the best drained soils. Senna artemisioides is native to Central Australia. Our Silver Cassia plants have weathered temperatures in the mid teens. Senna artemesioides prefers full sun, and requires no additional water once established in most of our landscapes. The beautiful fragrant yellow flowers are produced in early Spring and continue through much of the Summer. Senna artemisioides is a host plant for Cloudless Sulfur Caterpillars.

Senna artemisioides, Silver Cassia

Flowers and foliage of Senna artemisioides - Silver Cassia. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.