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Callistemon Cane's Hybrid ~ Cane's Bottlebrush

Callistemon Cane's Hybrid grows as a large shrub and can easily be trained into a small tree. Cane's Bottlebrush grows 12-15 feet tall and wide. Callistemon Cane's Hybrid is widely tolerant of garden conditions, withstanding drought and periodic soggy conditions in good form. Cane's Bottlebrush starts blooming in mid-Summer in our area. Not surprisingly the hummingbirds love the clusters of pink flowers at the tips of the branches. Callistemon Cane's Hybrid has shown no damage in our garden when night temperatures dropped into the low to mid teens.

Callistemon Cane's Hybrid, Cane's Bottlebrush

Flowers and foliage of Callistemon Cane's Hybrid known as Cane's Bottlebrush . High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.