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Calliandra haematocephala * Pink Powderpuff

Calliandra haematocephala is one of those great plants that can rarely be found in the nurseries but can often be found in older gardens. Calliandra haematocephala does have staying power. I often use the Pink Powder Puff as a espaliered hedge. Calliandra haematocephala will thrive in full sun and still blooms in a half shaded location as well. I find them to be an easy loose hedge to maintain with my hand pruners. I trim them back a couple of times each year. The Pink Powderpuff provides a great show when you observe the plants closely but melts into a calming background. And it sure is a lot nicer to look at than a stucco wall. Calliandra haematocephala can be damaged with temperatures in the mid twenties. I use them extensively at the coast and in protected inland locations. Calliandra haematocephala can thrive in all kinds of soil but does poorly in continuously wet conditions. Butterflies likely to sip nectar from Calliandra eriophylla include the Monarch, Cloudless Sulfur, California Dogface, Gray Hairstreak, Sara Orangetip, and the Spring Azure

Calliandra haematocephala, Pink Powder Puff

Flowers and foliage of Calliandra haematocephala the Pink Powder Puff. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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