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Brugmansia candida * Angel's Trumpet Tree

Brugmansia candida grows as a large shrub or small tree. The Trumpet Tree blooms are incredible for the size of the blooms, prominence and fragrance. Legend has it that by sleeping under Trumpet trees strange dreams come to you. Brugmansia and Datura might be intoxicating but they are also extremely poisonous and should not be ingested or planted where children are likely to play or pets might browse.

Brugmansia candida can do quite well in a shady garden location as well as in direct sun near the coast. At my house Brugmansia candida grows 6-8 feet during the summer and usually dies back to 2 inches of wood or the ground if it is a rough winter. In a favored garden location Brugmansia candida can grow to 10-15 feet tall and wide. So far Brugmansia candida has come back after nights in the high teens in our garden, but it took the Trumpet Tree well into Spring to show signs of life. Cultivars of Brugmansia candida include 'Double White', 'Gran Marnier', and 'Plena'. Brugmansia candida is the result of a cross between Brugmansia aurea and Brugmansia versicolor. A longer list of plants with white flowers

Brugmansia candida, White Trumpet Tree

Flowers and foliage of Brugmansia candida the White Trumpet Tree.