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Breynia disticha * Snow Bush

Breynia disticha is a tropical plant from the Pacific islands. The new foliage grows in red and gradually fades to white and green. The prominent white in the leaves is what gives Breynia disticha the common name Snow Bush, or Tropical Snow Bush. Breynia disticha was included in the Euphorbia family, though the plant has now been grouped in a new family Phylanthaceae knowing the former grouping helps with plant care. Breynia disticha grows to 6 feet or so in nearly frost free gardens. The Snow Bush requires decent soil and regular water. Breynia disticha can grow in sun or shade and can even be a house plant in a well lit window. Breynia disticha is much more colorful when the new growth is abundant a hard pruning every so often encourages a lot of new growth. Breynia disticha has insignificant flowers during the winter followed by small dark fruits.

Breynia disticha, Snow Bush

New foliage of Breynia disticha is red and fades to white and green variegation. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.