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Baileya multiradiata ~ Desert Marigold

Baileya multiradiata is a free flowering perennial perfect for that hot spot in the garden. The Desert Marigold primarily blooms in the late Spring, but if a monsoon (a splash from the hose) comes along it will bloom again, and again. The danger side is that the plants will rot if watered too much and individual plants are often short lived. Baileya multiradiata has grey foliage and yellow flowers. The Desert Marigold grows a foot to 18" tall and a couple of feet wide. Baileya multiradiata grows well from seed. The Desert Marigold is native to California Deserts and the Southwest naturally growing in areas with Creosote and Joshua Trees. Baileya multiradiata prefers good drainage but will do well with very little help. Regular deadheading keeps Baileya multiradiata looking sharp. Baileya multiradiata goes deciduous when conditions get tough. The Desert Marigold is Winter Hardy to 15° F. Baileya multiradiata is a nice addition to the Butterfly Garden, attracting Painted Lady's, Variable Checkerspots, Hedgerow Hairstreak, Great Purple Hairstreak, California Common Ringlet, and Gray Hairstreaks.

Baileya multiradiata, Desert Marigold

Yellow flowers and grey foliage of Baileya multiradiata - Desert Marigold. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.