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Artemisia arborescens Powis Castle * Wormwood

This old garden favorite, Artemisia Powis Castle stays about 3' tall and can get to 5-6 feet wide. The soft gray leaves mix well in a lavender garden. I often mix this plant into a lavender garden. Artemisia Powis Castle hardy to 15 or lower. If I have a standby plant that might be used in all gardens this might be it. In large part I use Artemisia Powis Castle because it will grow very quickly and allow a garden to rapidly fill in. It is somewhat short-lived, sometimes only lasting a couple of seasons. But by this time the other plants have finally started to hit their stride.

Artemisia Powis Castle

Grey foliage of Artemisia Powis Castle. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

Artemisia Powis Castle

A leafy branch of Artemisia Powis Castle.