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Anisacanthus thurberi - Thurber's Desert Honeysuckle

Anisacanthus thurberi is a midsized shrub growing to 6 feet or more. Thurber's Desert Honeysuckle primarily blooms in Spring but will produce flowers shortly after a rain, thus you might find Thurber's Desert Honeysuckle blooming in an irrigated garden setting at almost any time of year with gorgeous orange to red flowers. Anisacanthus thurberi is a great humminbird attractor and at times has been called Chuparosa a name also used on Justicia californica. Anisacanthus thurberi is native to Southern Arizona and New Mexico and into the northern Sonora Desert of Mexico. Anisacanthus thurberi grows on cliffs and along washes between 2500 and 5000 feet in elevation. Anisacanthus thurberi is Winter hardy to below 0°F.

Anisacanthus thurberi, Thurber's Desert Honeysuckle

Orange flowers and foliage of Anisacanthus thurberi Thurber's Desert Honeysuckle. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.