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Abelia grandiflora - Glossy Abelia

Abelia grandiflora has a long blooming period, beginning in the late Spring and continuing through the Summer and Fall. The new foliage is on long whips, to keep the plants shapely and more compact these need to be trimmed off several times leaving a couple of inches each time. From just below the cut several new branches will grow. Flowers grow at the tips of the branches so if you want flowers you have to let the grow in the end. The flowers are fragrant. The Glossy Abelia can grow to 8 feet or more. Abelia grandiflora grows in full sun to light shade. Abelia grandiflora is often used for hedges or screens. The bronze foliage contrasts nicely with the pale flowers. The white flowers flushed with a touch of pink. Abelia grandiflora is a great nectar source for butterflies, including the Monarch. Plants are winter hardy to zone 6. Abelia Kaleidoscope is a compact cultivar with coloful foliage.

Abelia grandiflora, Glossy Abelia

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