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Salvia sonomensis Dara's Choice - Dara's Choice Creeping Sage

Salvia sonomensis Dara's Choice is a hybrid between Salvia sonomensis and Salvia mellifera has wonderfully fragrant foliage as do all of the Black Sage relatives. The Dara's Choice Creeping Sage has medium blue flowers from the late Winter into Spring. Salvia sonomensis Dara's Choice is very compact, growing up to 1.5 feet tall and 4-5 feet wide, a quarter of the parent species Salvia mellifera. Salvia mellifera Dara's Choice is drought tolerant, prefers good drainage and a sunny position in the garden. Salvia mellifera Dara's Choice is a great nectar source for the Painted Lady (shown in the photo below), Mournful Duskywing, Umber Skipper Butterfly, White Checkered Skipper, California Dogface Butterfly, Cloudless Sulfur, Sara Orangetip, and the Northern White Skipper and is a nice addition to the Butterfly Garden as well as the Hummingbird Garden. If Salvia sonomensis Dara's Choice is not available Salvia mellifera Green Carpet and Salvia sonomensis Mrs. Beard are closely related substitutes.

Salvia Dara's Choice, Dara's Choice Creeping Sage

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