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Salvia muirii - Wild Sage

Salvia muirii has spectacular blue flowers with white markings on the lower lip on a very compact bush. I am impressed with the large size of the flowers and the vivid pattern of blue and white. The foliage is very compact and green. Salvia muirii is a good addition to both the hummingbird garden and the butterfly garden. Our plants grew to 2 feet tall gradually spreading to 2-4 feet or more wide. Salvia muirii is native to South Africa. Salvia muirii comes from the dry fynbos, growing in sandy soils. Salvia muirii spreads by sending shoots up from the roots an adaption for a hard pruning or fire. Coming from the Southern Hemisphere the Wild Sage has a particularly strong bloom cycle in the Fall. Salvia muirii blooms Spring through Fall. Salvia muirii is Winter hardy into the low to mid 20° F range.

Salvia muirii, Wild Sage

Blue and White Flowers and foliage of Salvia muirii Wild Sage. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

Salvia muirii, Wild Sage

Flowers and foliage of Salvia muirii Wild Sage.