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Salvia involucrata, Salvia puberula El Botano - Roseleaf Sage, Rosebud Sage

Salvia involucrata is a great back border plant. The Roseleaf Sage can be more than 8 feet tall. Salvia involucrata tends to be an upright grower but may flop onto its neighbors late in the season. The inland valley heat works wonders, Salvia involucrata will thrive with ample water and full sun. In its native Mexico it grows on the margins of forests. The Rosebud Sage seems to like but not require water once established. I inadvertently didn't water a plant in one of our gardens for a summer and it was still standing, though pretty wimpy looking by the time Fall came around. Salvia involucrata gets frost damaged in the low to mid 20°s F. I love the fuzzy petals and the large green leaves. The biggest flowering season is in the fall. This salvia also goes under the name of Rose Leaf Sage. Salvia involucrata is a great addition to the hummingbird garden as well as the butterfly garden.

Salvia involucrata

Flowers and foliage of Salvia involucrata, Roseleaf Sage, Rosebud Sage.