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Salvia Golden Girl - Yellow Autumn Sage

Salvia Golden Girl is a rich golden yellow cultivar of the Autumn Sage. The lower part of the throat of the flower has a blush of pink and the fall has a splash of gold. Salvia x jamensis is a name that is given to Salvia greggii and Salvia microphylla hybrids. Salvia Golden Girl is smaller than most of the other hybrids growing 18" to 2 feet tall and wide. This Salvia prefers well drained soil. While Salvia's Golden Girl can tolerate significant drought they prefer regular water, just not soggy feet. The plants will start to get twiggy looking of they are not periodically trimmed back. Salvia Golden Girl can put on a near constant show from Spring through Fall until there is a significant frost. Salvia Golden Girl will become twiggy with time and looks its best if given a winter shearing.

Salvia Golden Girl, Yellow Autumn Sage

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