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Salvia Celestial Blue - Celestial Blue Sage

Salvia Celestial Blue is a Salvia clevelandii hybrid with some of the darkest blue flowers on a native sage. Salvia Celestial Blue grows to 5 feet or more tall and wide. The Celestial Blue Sage has fragrant flowers and foliage and has gray leaves, a dark red calyx, and those dark blue flowers. The dark blue flowers come on in Spring and can last well into Summer and may repeat in the Fall. Salvia Celestial Blue should be grown in full sun with good drainage. Plants are quite drought tolerant once established. Salvia Celestial Blue is a great nectar source for the Mournful Duskywing, California Dogface Butterfly, Cloudless Sulfur, the Sara Orangetip, the Umber Skipper Butterfly, White Checkered Skipper, and the Northern White Skipper and is a nice addition to the Butterfly Garden and Hummingbird Garden. Salvia Celestial Blue is Winter hardy into the low teens. The California natives hybrid Salvia Celestial Blue was introduced by Las Pilitas Nursery.

Salvia Celestial Blue

Flowers and foliage of Salvia Celestial Blue, Celestial Blue Sage. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.