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Kathleen Harrop Rose * Introduced in 1919

The Kathleen Harrop Rose is a knockout in the spring. The fence that I laced the canes through is a solid mass of flowers for about a month. Then we get a moderate number of blooms most of the rest of the year. We were looking for a rose that would take low light and would not tear us apart going up and down the stairs. This one is thornless. We get a little rust and mildew in June with the fog. The plant loses a few leaves and then bounces back. Kathleen Harrop is also noted for being more tolerant of shade than most other roses. Generally this is a strong growing rose.

The Kathleen Harrop Rose is a sport of Zephirine Drouhin found by Dickson in Northern Ireland in 1919.

High resolution images of the Kathleen Harrop rose are available.

Kathleen Harrop Rose