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Ballerina Rose * Hybrid Musk Rose * 1937

The Ballerina Rose seems to never stop blooming. There are always blooms and hips in abundance. I have supported this plant with a fence and used it as a climbing rose or just let it flop naturally. Both methods yield fantastic results. I like the single blossoms of the Ballerina Rose that fade from white to pink. The upper half of this image is the Ballerina Rose. The lower half is one of its progeny Marjorie Fair. For a simple flower they hold remarkably well as a cut flower. I often mix the two, The Ballerina Rose is a little larger than the Marjorie Fair. Ballerina will typically get 4-5 feet tall and wide, and Marjorie Fair stays around 4 feet. The Ballerina Rose was hybridized by Bental but the parentage is unknown.

Ballerina Rose

Pale pink flowers of the rose Ballerina and darker magenta flowers of Marjorie Fair - both are Hybrid Musk Roses. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.