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Marjorie Fair Rose * Red Ballerina 1978

The Marjorie Fair Rose carries many of the good traits of one of its parents that I use a lot, the 'Ballerina Rose.' I have found it to be a little more compact. Where Ballerina will get to 6' x 6' here Marjorie Fair will get to 4' x 4'. I have had no pest problems or disease problems even near the coast except when put in excessively shady locations. The upper half of the image is the Ballerina Rose. The darker flowers belong to the Marjorie Fair rose. The flowers are very long lasting and new canes are regularly produced. The thorns are a little sharp but it is a rose after all.

The rose was hybridized by Harkness in 1978 in a cross between 'Ballerina' and 'Baby Faraux' in the U.K.

Marjorie Fair Rose

Magenta flowers of the Marjorie Fair Rose are part of our garden image collection.